Environmental protection

Our company operates in an environmentally responsible manner. As we, across the whole VINCI Construction CS group, care about the environment, we adhere strictly to principles of environmental protection. We take care to prevent pollution, closely monitor our energy consumption, prevent the production of waste as much as we can and recycle. In short, we do what we can to limit our environmental impacts as much as possible.

We are keenly aware of our responsibility in protecting the environment. That is why the Group, with the support of research by VIALAB CZ, carries out its projects using the latest and most efficient technologies to ensure that operations comply with the contemporary strict environmental standards.

Occupational safety and health

It is our mission to ensure that our working environment is conducive to the elimination of accidents and injuries involving anyone present at our construction sites. Safe working conditions of a high standard are a matter of course as we strive to protect our company’s greatest asset: our people.

Social responsibility

We pride ourselves on being a socially responsible company. We care about others and strive to help those in need. Our Group operates its own charitable foundation and supports many worthwhile causes.

Many employees of VIALAB CZ are supporters of the Nadace VINCI foundation and many volunteer to the benefit of its projects. The foundation focuses primarily on supporting people at risk of social exclusion. We also support many other worthwhile projects that provide help where help is needed.