Every successful construction project begins in the laboratory

Our laboratories provide testing and technological support across all regions of the Czech Republic. We perform a broad range of testing in accordance with the relevant EN and ČSN standards and industry regulations. We do both laboratory and on-site testing and measurements. We also perform initial type and proof testing of asphalts and emulsions, aggregate, bitumen mixtures, soils treated with hydraulic binders and mechanically compacted soils, and mechanically compacted aggregate. Our experts also serve as technology supervisors at construction sites.

Our teams participate in research and development programs of the whole VINCI Group as well as in European and national research projects. VIALAB CZ cooperates with universities, public bodies and various industry organisations in the transport infrastructure sector.

From 2003 to 2005, VIALAB CZ participated in the investigation of the SCORE (Superior Cold Recycling) project. Our laboratory also contributed to the CIDEAS (Centre for Integrated Design of Advanced Structures) project from 2005 to 2011. VIALAB CZ was an active contributor in the process of the harmonisation of European standards as the author of a number of national appendices and proposals throughout the implementation process.

Such opportunities ensure that our research remains based on the most recent knowledge, which is thus available in practice to the whole VINCI Construction CS group of which VIALAB CZ is a member.

We are part of VINCI Construction CS, the biggest construction group in the country


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We are dutybound to uphold the tradition and legacy of those who went before us. We are proud of both the projects we realise and the fact that our company is a member of VINCI Construction CS, the biggest construction group in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Group is active in all areas of the construction industry – from transport to civil engineering. The Group builds essential main highways, railway and tram lines, sports grounds, urban complexes, water management structures, residential buildings and industrial facilities. It also renovates historical buildings. As part of VINCI, an international holding of companies, VINCI Construction CS employs more than 4,000 people and completes some 2,000 projects every year.